Climbing and crawling, up from a hole. Climbing so high, through thorns and people. Looking up, I see the heavens. I'm gonna make it. I’ll give it all I got. After years of climbing and crawling, getting so close, in my mind I am there. Expecting the best, surprise surprise, my hand hits a wall.... Continue Reading →


Love is magical

I see you are hurting, I know you feel alone. All your scars, some still bleed through. They didn't see you, they blamed and persecuted as they obused your trust. They didn't know, little comfort to you as you sit alone in the dark alley of your soul. Now you must get up, all on... Continue Reading →

When there is love

We can argue, fight and hurt eachother. We can load guns with bullets of words and shoot through the heart. We can break the heart, break the trust, tear the whole house down. Break anything and everything. Then calm down, step back in to love. Feel the hurt inside, all the pain that was caused... Continue Reading →

The collector

I used to be a collector of possible usable items. I was never one to keep things that didn’t have a practical function. I moved around a lot, and I didn’t have the luxury of sentimental value. Then you came. You kept things, crazy things, things with no apparent value to anyone but you. It... Continue Reading →

The first step

I remember when I was ill, at my worst. I rote a lot of things on this blog. Whenever I had energy and things came to mind. I though it was an appeal to the world of the healthy people to actually live and enjoy life, as well as to prevent or recover from deceases,... Continue Reading →

An evening in August

The sun has set, a few hours ago now. I have played outside with my big little friend. My heart is pounding after running. I feel my lungs gasping for air as I sit down and watch the river. There is a soft breeze in the warm air, and it makes ripples like tiny waves... Continue Reading →

Growing a-part

It might be, that you are scared. Afraid that the distance between us will grow, make us grow apart. You might be scared because you think growing apart will make me love you less, that one day I will look at you differently and not see how beautiful you are. To grow a-part however, may... Continue Reading →

Wishing in the past

I have been wasting, I have been spoiled. I was able to touch you, hold you close. Wrap my arm around you and squeeze your tiny body. Even though you burn hot, you’r not that naughty.   I got to watch you sleep so calmly then. Watch you turn and tumble around. I could talk... Continue Reading →

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